MSR Services

Incenter is an industry leading MSR broker (previously known as Incenter Mortgage Advisors or IMA), having traded >$2 Trillion in MSRs. This transactional success is based on the accuracy and deeply supported nature of our market valuations as well as our extensive and long-standing relationships in the industry. It is these personal connections that ensure optimal liquidity for our clients.

In addition, Incenter provides >750 valuations a year to its clients. These valuations range in frequency from daily to semi-annually and encompass client portfolios that range from a few million to ~$1 Trillion in UPB.

Since we trade MSRs, we know exactly where fair market values are at any given moment; and because we value hundreds of portfolios, we know how every asset profile is performing. These are key differentiators in a world where models and analytics are prolific. Models are just tools, and the quality of the analyses depends on who is using them.

For detailed information on the breadth of services Incenter offers related to MSRs, explore Bulk & MSR Flow Transactions, Analytics & Reporting, Advisory, eMSR Exchange or contact us directly.

Powered by eMSR, the eMSR Exchange is an industry-first, 24/7 platform that provides real-time pricing during market hours and archived pricing after hours.

  • As a web-based platform, the eMSR Exhange encourages higher participation by both sellers and buyers, creating a more dynamic marketplace that allows precision matching of loans to buyer preferences for true execution and pricing.
  • The eMSR Exchange seamlessly integrates data reconciliation and document tracking services, managed by Incenter Diligence Solutions, streamlining the transaction and disburdening buyers from the demanding process of transitioning the assets.
  • What sets eMSR Exchange apart is its cost-efficiency. There are no specific fees imposed on buyers or sellers. Instead, Incenter Capital Advisors generates fees within the pricing grids and through the arbitrage between buy and sell purchase prices.

Lending As A Service

Incenter offers a fully white-labelable “Lending as a Service” platform that can be used to originate HELOCs, 2nd liens, personal and other forms of unsecured loans, and student loans. Built for flexibility and to be user-intuitive, loan terms are customizable and can be dynamically generated “on the fly”. We offer two different LaaS implementation models:

  • Self Managed: Deploy our software remotely, use your teams to manage and fulfill
  • Full Service: Leverage our software, plus our customer service and loan processing teams

Reverse Mortgage

While others may have singular experiences in the reverse market, or along its edges, ours is continuous, pervasive and comes from the trenches. Our senior reverse professionals managed a top 5 reverse lending platform and top 10 reverse MSR assets.  In this case, we were able to grow volume by over 100% in just nine months, while simultaneously increasing margin by over 130%.

ICA is here to guide you through any stage of your business— from initial setup, to maintaining market share; from improving efficiency or insight to optimizing growth.

Lending & Origination

  • Product Development
  • Investor Relations
  • Financing
  • Capital Markets Reporting
  • Pipeline Risk Management
  • Forward Trades
  • Margin Management & Optimization
  • Channel Expansion

MSR & Servicing

  • Assumption Validation
  • Executive Reporting
  • P&L Explanation
  • Audit Reviews
  • Valuation Support
  • MSR Valuations
  • HECM Buyout Programs
  • NABOs
  • Servicing KPIs
  • Reporting
  • Financing
  • Creative Structuring
  • Bulk/Flow MSR Transactions

Due Diligence

Working in conjunction with our sister company, Incenter Diligence Solutions, we help lenders and servicers perform regulatory loan diligence reviews (pre- and post-funding) while streamlining whole loan and MSR transactions.

Our services are fully scalable and our professionals have deep industry experience across all loan types and conditions. Our hallmark is our ability to customize loan-level reviews and loan package delivery according to each client’s risk priorities and processes.